For major corporations, growing businesses and individuals, tax is an area which impacts on virtually all business or asset management decisions to be made. Tax constitutes a crucial element in the commercial life of all businesses and often determines the structure of more complex transactions, notably M&A, restructurings, asset or project based financing, and of large scale investment projects, such as oil & gas exploration and production, LNG, renewable energy, telecommunications, transports and infrastructure projects, extractive industries, utilities.

Our tax practice is aware of the need for innovative and integrated tax advice, both on a standalone basis and as a part of Miranda´s full service practice, providing a high value-added service. Our tax attorneys are recognized as leading tax experts in the jurisdictions covered by Miranda and are familiar with a wide range of tax systems and laws, both in Portugal and abroad.


Our tax team has substantial experience in deals and investment structuring, delivering practical solutions for the most complex transactions, such as in the direct investment, oil & gas contracts, banking, finance, insurance and capital markets fields. Our approach to these issues is largely preventive and is intended to head off problems before they develop and affect our clients´ business.

Our Experience
  • Tax planning and tax compliance matters
  • Tax advice on structured finance transactions
  • Tax advice on mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructurings
  • Tax advice on project finance projects
  • Tax advice on foreign investments, including on available tax incentives
  • Tax advice on development and management of intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Transfer pricing
  • Real estate tax law and planning
  • Domestic and cross-border tax advice on expatriates compensation and on executive compensation schemes
  • Personal and family estate planning
  • Charitable and non-profit institutions
  • VAT and other indirect taxes
  • Handling of tax controversies before all levels of the tax administration and tax courts
  • Tax due diligences
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