Cameroon | 2017.01.19

The Cameroonian Finance Law for 2017 (Law No. 2016/018) was enacted on 14 December 2016. The main measures, effective 1 January 2017, include the following:


  1. A levy of 0.2% (“Contribution d’Intégration Africaine”) on imports from outside the African Union zone;
  2. New withholding tax rates (10% or 5%) for services provided by non-residents;
  3. Obligation to obtain a tax clearance certificate prior to requesting a title, license, certificate, statement or authorization from public authorities;
  4. Amendment of the business license tax (“Contribution des Patentes”), including amendment of the relevant rates;
  5. Miscellaneous measures relating to tax deductibility of health insurances, tax credits and VAT on real estate transactions.


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