Public Law and Regulatory

The importance of Public Law and Regulatory in civil law jurisdictions cannot be underestimated by investors. Whether you wish to license an activity or product, enter into a contract with the State, notably a services or a supply contract, or a public works contract, or a concession, or if you wish to obtain approval of a specific investment project, you will have to deal with Administrative bodies, regulatory authorities and other public entities. Whether your application is denied or accepted, you will need expert legal advice to deal with these entities and to, in a worst case scenario, challenge decisions in court.



Miranda's Public Law and Regulatory team has wide expertise in assisting clients throughout all steps of administrative procedures. We assist our clients in preparing and filing applications, negotiating with public entities, assuring compliance with regulatory issues, and in all aspects of administrative and judicial litigation, including amicable resolution of conflicts. Our team is also experienced in analyzing constitutional law issues, and in drafting statutes and regulations for public entities. Miranda has the right lawyers to guide you through the maze of administrative bureaucracy, assuring you get the best solution in the fastest possible time.


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Our Experience
  • Public & Utilities procurement
  • Administrative contracts (e.g., construction and concession agreements)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environmental matters
  • Zoning and Planning
  • Judicial and Arbitration litigation
  • Constitutional issues
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