Oil and Gas

Miranda has long-standing experience in the international oil and gas industry. Since the very early days of the Firm, oil and gas has been vital to our practice. Through advising in hundreds of transactions, projects and other oil and gas developments, Miranda has amassed a wealth of knowledge in this industry that is unsurpassed by any other firm in the jurisdictions we cover. The breadth of our practice and our experience with a diversity of jurisdictions and oil and gas companies enables us to provide clients with the most sound and effective advice and representation. Our client base includes more than 80 oil and gas producers and oilfield contractors worldwide, as well as various sovereign nations.


The oil and gas lawyers at Miranda draw on both their own highly developed experience and the knowledge of their colleagues from other practices to provide our clients with unusually broad service and advice. We regularly assemble teams of lawyers from different practices tailored to the particular needs of clients in the most challenging and sophisticated transactions and projects. In addition to their strong technical capabilities, the oil and gas lawyers at Miranda have hands on experience in most aspects of the day-to-day operational issues faced by petroleum exploration and production companies, LNG producers, refiners, marketers, services companies, amongst others. Some of our practitioners are regularly invited to speak at industry conferences and seminars, in addition to providing commentary in the general media and in industry publications.


Through our membership in the leading oil sector associations we have also been actively engaged in the preparation of a number of important model contracts used worldwide.


Our Experience
  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Farmouts/Farmins
  • Unitisation and joint development
  • Securing exploration and production concessions and licenses
  • Upstream projects (including oil rigs, production platforms and FPSOs)
  • Midstream and Downstream projects (including construction of refineries and pipelines, LNG Plants, service stations, storage facilities, etc.)
  • Pipeline and other infrastructures construction and financing
  • Development of regulatory framework and legislation
  • Upstream and services contract negotiations
  • Oil and gas-related maritime boundary disputes
  • Oil and gas-related litigation
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