Litigation & Arbitration

Assisting our clients in dispute related matters is a relevant part of our activity. As such, part of our work in this regard involves accompanying transaction teams in identifying possible areas of concern from a dispute resolution perspective. If and when disputes do arise, our main focus is to try to find the best possible solution for the client, preferably by avoiding litigation itself. In order to do so, our goal from the outset is to be well prepared, knowing the facts of the case extensively. To this effect, we work closely with our colleagues from other specialized areas of the law, setting up cross-practice teams whenever appropriate.


Miranda’s Litigation & Arbitration practice focuses mainly on civil, commercial, corporate, criminal and regulatory dispute resolution. Specific types of disputes such as administrative, tax and labor are accompanied, respectively, by our Public Law, Tax and Labor practices.


We have a solid track record in all forms of dispute resolution in Portugal. Moreover, and given our integration in the Miranda Alliance, we are able to assist in dispute resolution in the countries where we are present, coordinating or integrating teams from the relevant countries.


In this regard, further to our litigation capabilities, our activity has come to focus more and more on arbitration related matters, given that disputes are increasingly resolved through arbitration. Over the last decade, the number of arbitration proceedings has grown dramatically, in particular at an international level, and so too has the complexity and value of arbitration proceedings. As Miranda is involved in many jurisdictions, comprehensive understanding of international arbitration is vital for our Firm. The Firm has been actively involved both in domestic and international arbitrations, administered by well-known institutions such as the International Chamber of Commerce, the London Court of International Arbitration and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and also ad hoc arbitration tribunals operating, for example, under the UNCITRAL Rules.

Our Experience
  • Construction disputes

  • Distribution agreements related disputes

  • M&A related disputes

  • Disputes involving States and parastatals in a wide variety of contractual matters

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