Real Estate

Real estate transactions are one of the cornerstones of any economy. New demands resulting from technology, environment and different lifestyles are reshaping our urban areas. Governments, companies, investors and citizens in general are increasingly sensitive to this new trend and, thus, laws and contracts are constantly being readjusted to the 21st century way of approaching the real estate industry. Today, a real estate enterprise is a complex mix of all sorts of different legal areas ranging from child security to energy saving. More and more, real estate is not about assets and titles. It is what countries and cities are and how they face their future as a community.


Our lawyers advise real estate clients from inception to completion of each project, by providing them with comprehensive advice in all real estate related areas. To this end, the real estate group of Miranda comprises lawyers with a solid background in corporate law, tax law, public law, litigation and construction.

Our Experience
  • Property development and project management
  • Property acquisition
  • Public concessions and licensing
  • Environmental assessment
  • Planning
  • Commercial and Residential property
  • Tourism, Leisure, Hotels & Resorts
  • Leases & Property management services