Miranda is reputedly an energy-oriented firm, having over the years assisted and advised a vast number of clients in a variety of energy matters across the jurisdictions covered by our practice. Our energy capability is an essential supplement to the Firm´s unique advisory role within the international oil and gas industry, as the Firm also advises its oil and gas clients in connection with their alternative energy projects, as well as their downstream activities. The scope of the Firm´s role in the industry is extremely broad, covering both conventional power projects and renewable sources. In some jurisdictions, hydro power projects often come associated with large scale mining operations undertaken by our clients in the mining industry. Our clients include a wide variety of players within the energy markets, such as producers, traders, governments, grid operators, purchasers and lenders.


Our multi-jurisdictional group dedicated to the energy industry brings together commercially focused lawyers with a thorough and updated understanding of the various sectors of the industry and a sound knowledge of the latest international industry trends. Based on the needs of each particular client and/or project, the team works closely with other specialists drawn from our tax, environmental, litigation and competition practices. Some of the Firm´s lawyers regularly contribute with articles on energy matters to generalist and specialised domestic and international publications, such as Sweet & Maxwell´s International Energy Law and Taxation Review and the International Law Office. Miranda´s energy team also counts amongst its members lawyers who have previously worked as in-house counsel for energy companies, which allows us to have an industry perspective of most of the major issues that energy companies face. Our practitioners are regular participants and speakers at energy conferences and seminars, both in their respective jurisdictions and abroad.

Our Experience
  • Acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Project finance
  • Trade and supply issues associated with market liberalisation and the Iberian Electricity Market (MIBEL)
  • Environmental aspects, including green certificates
  • Various regulatory advice – tariffs structure, transmission fees, third party access, compensation mechanisms for stranded costs originating from market liberalization
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Tenders for generation and interconnection licenses
  • Spot and derivatives energy exchanges
  • Development of regulatory framework and legislation
  • Biofuels
  • Emissions trading
  • Supply of track energy
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Long-term Supply Contracts
  • Generation and interconnection licenses
  • Power and Natural Gas Distribution and Trading Concessions
  • Transfers of carbon credits
  • Land leases and agreements for rights of way and surface rights for placement of generation facilities, transmission lines and monitoring equipment
  • Acquisition and Share Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Asset Sales
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