White Collar Crime

The consequences of a criminal investigation extend beyond loss of productivity and loss of assets. The immediate and irreparable devastating effect suffered by a company or individual facing a criminal charge is one´s reputation and good name. As international trade has grown, so has the exposure of companies that deal with foreign governments and businesses. Governments in the jurisdictions covered by Miranda follow the worldwide trends in adopting sophisticated and strict regulations for detecting, investigating and punishing white collar crimes. Either because the laws are highly technical or because even if based on international law they often receive the specificities of local practices, international companies are at constant risk of being investigated for alleged violations.

Our white collar crime team is uniquely positioned to assist companies engaged in business activities in the jurisdictions covered by Miranda. Our lawyers assist clients in preparing robust corporate compliance and business ethics programs in order to prevent worst case scenarios from playing out. We follow the operations of our client´s on a day-to-day basis, evaluating the client´s needs in a pro-active way so that a rapid response is given to urgent problems. When needed, our experienced lawyers ensure an effective representation before the courts and local authorities of various jurisdictions with the required expertise and know-how.

Our Experience
  • Anti-corruption
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Bankruptcy crimes
  • Customs import and export violations
  • Extortion
  • Tax fraud
  • Environmental crimes