Sports and Entertainment Law

The increasing globalization and commercialization of Sports and Entertainment has meant these are presently high profile industries, generating significant revenues. Regulating bodies, corporations, clubs and individuals currently face stern legal demands, whether regulatory or commercial in nature. It is therefore crucial that legal matters be assessed by those best qualified, with a thorough understanding of the relevant legal implications and an insightful perspective of the Sports and Entertainment market. Sports and Entertainment related issues can potentially cover areas such as Employment, Intellectual Property and Competition, among others.


For the above reasons, the Firm has created a Sports & Entertainment Law practice that addresses the demands brought upon individuals and corporations by globalisation and increasing commercialism, on a preventive and contentious basis. Our lawyers have the necessary academic and professional backgrounds, established by years of personal experience in the world of competitive sports and entertainment, both as advisors and participants. We work closely with our clients in order to understand their business and leverage their strengths. We represent several event-organisers and artists in relation to the licensing of their works, royalties and image rights.

Our Experience
  • Professional athletes contracts and employment-related litigation
  • Image rights, Copyright, Trade Marks and Broadcasting rights
  • Sponsorship contracts for individuals and events
  • Competition issues deriving from regulatory and commercial restrictions . Internal policies and regulations for Sports Regulating Bodies and Clubs