IT & Data Protection

Technology was one of the main drivers to the creation of the global world where we live today. As a result of the increase of the demand for information technology products and related services, the players in this industry became some of the most valuable companies in the world. Expressions such as IT Outsourcing, CRM, ASP, Butt Computing, Big Data, Data Mining and e-Business are now part of the every manager's daily jargon. At the same time, IT legal issues became more complex, not only as a result of new features and services enabled or enhanced by technological development, but also due to new laws governing them. On the other hand, the intensive use of IT has allowed companies to change their business and practices in relation to the processing of personal data. What used to be considered as being part of each employee's personal agenda became part of the core business of many companies in many different industries, with the surge of new business models based on the adequate treatment of personal data through massive use of information technology tools. As a consequence, and in order to protect privacy and individual rights, data protection became a very sensitive topic.


Our IT and Data Protection practitioners have in-depth experience, some of which have occupied management positions in IT companies or deal on a daily basis with regulators, notably the Portuguese Data Protection Authority. We provide legal advice to a wide range of companies, from start-ups to leading international IT companies listed in Nasdaq, NYSE or LSE. We also assist several Portuguese IT companies and Universities on technology transfer agreements.


The use of technology is also part of Miranda´s culture. We were the first Portuguese law firm to implement a Hummingbird DM and KM solution to serve fee-earners and clients.

Our Experience
  • Software licensing agreements
  • E-procurement
  • Hardware and maintenance services contracts
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • On-line contracting and e-Business programmes
  • Data Protection notifications, complaints and investigations
  • Online Privacy Policies
  • Internet and e-mail usage policies
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