São Tomé and Príncipe | 2016.06.21

A new Data Protection Law (DPL) has recently been published in the São Tomé and Príncipe’s Official Gazette as Law 03/2016, of 10 May 2016.


The DPL regulates the processing of personal data, including collection, transfer and use of data for any purposes whatsoever. The processing of personal data, as well as any cross-border transfer of personal data are both subject to strict notification and registration requirements with the National Data Protection Agency. These requirements are applicable regardless of whether the entities which the data are being transferred to are part of the same corporate group as the entity that originates the transfer.


Failure to comply with the terms or obligations set out in the DPL may be sanctioned with both civil and criminal penalties, as well as with administrative fines of between USD 1,250 and USD 50,000.


Should you wish to receive additional information on the DPL or an English translation thereof, please contact:



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