Environmental law plays an ever more significant role in the everyday life of most businesses. This is why regulatory requirements continue to grow in response to increasingly international environmental concerns, thus triggering more compliance issues, as well as liability matters in business transactions. Therefore, if faced with environmental challenges or pressures, it is crucial to be aware of all the key developments in environmental law and ready to separate the important from the inconsequential. Miranda provides deep environmental expertise and assists its clients in successfully reaching their goals and protecting their interests arising out of the full range of environmental issues.


We provide transactional and stand-alone advice in all the major areas of environmental law at both domestic and international levels to a wide range of clients, including private and state-owned companies, public authorities and financial institutions. Our lawyers undertake risk analysis of environmental liability and tailor the most suitable framework to eliminate or manage that risk in every transaction or project, widely different in nature, location and issues involved. Advice is also supplied on implementation of environmental management systems and appropriate corporate governance structures to deliver a business which is perceived to be environmentally responsible. Miranda is also proud of its extensive and continued pro bono work in favour of several recognized environmental NGOs.

Our Experience
  • Petroleum, gas and mining operations
  • Oil spills at sea
  • Pollution prevention and control of contaminated land and water/air emissions
  • Hazardous and radioactive substances
  • Packages and packaging waste
  • Electrical and electronic equipment waste
  • Waste and wastewater management
  • Batteries and accumulators
  • Environmental concerns of banking and finance, including Equator Principles
  • Environmental liability
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Regulatory permits and requirements
  • Environmental insurance coverage
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