Cape Verde | 2016.01.27

Law No. 101/VIII/2016, of 6 January 2016, enacted the new general legal regime for urban leases. The new law will enter into force on 5 February 2016 and will revoke, among other statutes, Decree 43,525, of 7 March 1961 (Tenancy Law), and will amend several articles of the Civil Code.


Among other amendments, one may highlight: (i) the mandatory execution of urban lease agreements in written form and in triplicate with an original copy having to be delivered to the tax authorities; (ii) the default duration of the urban lease agreement will now be six (6) months; (iii) introduction of clear rules on the administrative implementation of conservation work at the landlord’s expense; (iv) rents must be set in national currency (Cape Verdean escudos); (v) the advance payment of rent is permitted; and (vi) limited duration agreements (of no less than three (3) years) are now possible for residential leases.


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