Angola | 2019.07.25
Procedures on retention of counterfeit, fake or suspicious notes regulated

On 5 July 2019, the National Bank of Angola (BNA) enacted Instruction No. 5/2019, on procedures applicable to the retention of counterfeit, fake or suspicious banknotes, which entered into force the following day.
This Instruction applies to financial institutions, travel or tourism agencies, hotels, cash-transport companies and commercial establishments which operate with cash necessary for their economic/financial activity. These entities must retain all banknotes whenever there is a suspicion of counterfeiting or forgery. They are also required to retain banknotes when there are facts that may lead to a suspicion of counterfeiting or forgery by a client arising from deposits or payments involving large amounts. In all situations, the relevant entities must submit the banknotes in question to the BNA within 5 days.

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