Timor-Leste | 2017.01.10

Please be advised that the Government of Timor-Leste, by means of Decree-Law No. 51/2016, of 28 December 2016, approved new rules for licensing of advertising messages. The new statute applies to all types of advertising of a commercial nature (e.g. visual, sound, etc.), irrespective of the means used for display (e.g., outdoors, placards, flags, banners, awnings, etc.), whenever same is visible or noticeable from public space.


The placement or affixing of advertisements in assets or spaces for public use or visible therefrom is subject to prior licensing with the Municipal Administration or Municipal Authority and to the payment of a fee, which depends on the type of advertisement, location, dimension and/or displaying period.


Amongst others, political advertising and advertisements placed or affixed on land or buildings mentioning “for sale” or “for lease” expressly fall outside the scope of the new statute.


According to the new rules, companies and other entities that currently have any signage at their facilities (including simple signs or plaques identifying their offices) have 6 months as of the entry into force of the new rules to license the said signage. After this deadline has elapsed, the Municipal Authorities may remove the same, forfeit them, and apply fines.


If you require a copy and/or an English translation of Decree-Law 51/2016 and/or our assistance in licensing your existing signs, please reach out to us via the contact details set out below:


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