Timor-Leste | 2016.05.05

According to the information provided today by the National Directorate of Registries and Notaries of the Ministry of Justice ("DNRN") and the Registration and Business Verification Service ("SERVE"), as of May 5, 2016 DNRN will no longer perform commercial registration acts relating to companies and/or branches of companies, including those previously registered with DNRN. DNRN’s registration powers will henceforth be limited to Associations and Foundations.


Under the new instructions received from DNRN and SERVE, companies and/or branches currently registered only with DNRN are not required to register with SERVE. However, any subsequent amendments to the registration of such companies and/or branches must from now on be submitted to SERVE.


SERVE has also advised that when requesting amendments to their registrations, applicants will not be required to present the documentation on file with DNRN, as the relevant information will be automatically provided by DNRN to SERVE.


Registrations processed by DNRN and the respective certificates issued prior to the above changes will remain valid.


The above-mentioned instructions have been obtained through direct contact with the referred entities, as the relevant statute that foresees these changes has not yet been published or made available. This information may therefore be subject to further update once the statute is made public.


Finally, please note that although registration with SERVE is apparently not mandatory at this stage for companies and/or branches currently registered with DNRN, in the past, certain State bodies (such as some departments of the Ministry of Finance) have required that companies and/or branches mandatorily file certificates proving their effective registration with SERVE.


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