Angola | 2016.04.22

Following the enactment of the Merchant Navy, Ports and Ancillary Activities Law - Law 27/12, of 28 August 2012 - new legal frameworks on Seafarers and Maximum Safety Capacity of Vessels and Ships have been recently gazetted. These new statutes revoke amongst others Presidential Decrees 293/14, of 21 October 2014 and 145/15, of 1 July 2015.


I. Regulations on Seafarers and Maritime Personnel


Presidential Decree 78/16, of 14 April 2016, enacts the New Regulations on Seafarers and Maritime Personnel. The statute establishes the legal requirements for professional registration, certification of fitness, access to the career and relevant functions to perform, embark and disembark from vessels, certification and recognition of qualifications of seafarers and of other maritime personnel. This statute also sets out detailed substantial and procedural requirements for the hiring and certification of all seafarers and other maritime personnel and specfic rules for such personnel to embark and disembark at Angolan ports under the direct supervision of IMPA (Angolan Maritime and Port Institute). The new legislation also defines the penalties regime applicable in case of breach of various substantial and procedural requirements.


II. Regulations on Maximum Safety Capacity of Vessels and Ships


Presidential Decree 79/16, of 14 April 2016, enacts the New Regulations on Maximum Safety Capacity of Vessels and Ships. This statute establishes the procedures for the definition of the maximum capacity of vessels and ships sailing under Angolan flag and only applies to crews and vessels registered in the country. The new regulations set out the procedures for the issuance and amendment of a mandatory certificate on maximum safety capacity that shall apply to every vessel under IMPA (Angolan Maritime and Port Institute) supervisory powers.


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