Angola | 2017.06.22

The Ministry of Industry has just approved, through Executive Decree No. 293/17, of 30 May 2017, the regulations on the issuance, grant and use of industrial permits.

The main innovations brought along by the new statute are as follows:


  1. Henceforth, there will be two types of Industrial Permits:

    1. Provisional Industrial Permit - aimed at ensuring the mere installation of the industrial unit; and

    2. Definitive Industrial Permit - required for the actual carrying out of an industrial activity.

  2. The application for the issuance of the Industrial Permit shall be made online through a specific form and the relevant documents shall also be submitted online.

  3. The Provisional Industrial Permit will be made available online, and shall be valid for a period of six months. During this period, an application for the issuance of the Definitive Industrial Permit, or for the extension of the Provisional Industrial Permit, shall be made.


Executive Decree No. 293/17, of 30 May 2017, entered immediately into force.

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