Angola | 2017.06.08

1. National Minimum Wage


Presidential Decree No. 91/17 was enacted, setting the statutory national minimum wage at 16,503.30 Kwanzas (Kz). The same statute also updated the minimum wage to be paid in each of the main economic sectors, as follows:


  1. Commerce and mining: 24,754.95 Kz;
  2. Transportation, services and manufacturing: 20,629.13 Kz; and
  3. Agriculture: 16,503.30 Kz.


Presidential Decree No. 91/17 entered into force on 7 June 2017 and repealed all contradictory legislation, notably Presidential Decree No. 144/14, of 9 June 2014.


2. Mandatory Social Protection Pensions


Presidential Decree No. 93/17, of 7 June 2017, was enacted, increasing the amounts paid as mandatory social protection pensions. As from 7 June 2017 (on which date said statute entered into force), the minimum amounts to be paid are as follows:


  1. Retirement pension: 21,380.78 Kz;
  2. Survivor’s pension: 16,503.30 Kz;
  3. Welfare payments (old-age allowance and disability pension): 16,503.30 Kz.


Presidential Decree No. 93/17 repealed all contradictory legislation.

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