Angola | 2016.10.17

The Angolan Central Bank (BNA) has recently issued several orders (Avisos) approving new rules and procedures on banking deposits and credit, which include:


  • Rules for the opening, handling and closing of bank deposits and disclosure duties on deposit-taking activity (BNA Order No. 10/16 and No 13/16, of 5 September 2016, respectively);
  • Procedures and requirements for the opening and closing of branches and / or agencies (BNA Order No. 11/16, of 5 September 2016);
  • Rules and procedures to be followed in marketing products and financial services (BNA Order No. 12/16, of 5 September 2016);
  • Disclosure duties applicable to lending and credit restructuring activities (BNA Order No. 14/16, of 7 September 2016).


The above listed Orders entered into force on the date of their gazetting.

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