Equatorial Guinea | 2020.04.15
Extension of the State of Sanitary Emergency and Additional Preventive Measures to Contain the Outbreak of COVID-19

Given the increasing number of COVID-19 confirmed cases, the Government has issued an Order, dated 14 April 2020 to extend the term of the State of Emergency declared by Decree No. 42/2020, of 31 March 2020, for an additional 15-day period and imposing additional restrictions, effective as of today. The most relevant restrictions are:

  • Mandatory confinement of all citizens, who can only leave their houses for limited purposes, such as visits to hospitals, markets or pharmacies. Exits for work purposes are accepted but citizens are required to wear protective masks and gloves at all times and hold credentials confirming that they can leave their house.
  • The circulation of vehicles and people between the Bioko region districts remains suspended with limited exceptions. 
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Environment will organize the transport of goods and first need products from different points of Bioko to the population (including sellers).
  • All stores and commercial establishments must remain closed, except for supermarkets, markets that sell food products, laundries, pharmacies, clinics and stores selling construction, electrical and/or mechanical equipment and products. Cuatro Ryesa, Fifti Fifti, Ventage (two facilities) and Ceramico can remain open.
  • Restaurants must remain closed to the public, but home deliveries are not forbidden.
  • SEGESA (the national power company) is prohibited from cutting off the supply of electricity.
  • Crew members of airfreight transportation must undergo COVID-19 testing to leave their airplanes.
  • Crew members of vessels transporting goods and food supplies between Douala (Cameroon) and Malabo are prohibited from leaving the vessel.

The military and other security forces have been instructed to ensure compliance with the restrictions imposed.

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