Cape Verde | 2018.09.28

The Government of the Republic of Cape Verde, through the General Directorate of Infrastructures, has launched a public tender for the extension and modernization of the national ports. The project will be funded by the African Development Bank.

Interested entities may obtain additional information and review tender documents at the offices of the General Directorate of Infrastructures, located at Rua Judice Biker, Ponta Belém, cidade da Praia, as well as to acquire the tender documentation (which has a cost of € 500).

The first phase of the project is related to Porto Inglês, at Maio Island. For purposes of preparing proposals, a mandatory site visit to this port will take place on 29 September at 9.30 am.

The proposals must be sent to the General Directorate of Infrastructures until 9 am of 9 November 2018, along with payment of a € 300 submission fee.

Proposals will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representative that wish to attend the opening session, which will take place on 11 November at 9 am at the General Directorate of Infrastructures.

For further information about the content of this Alert, please contact:

Alberto Galhardo Simões

Mafalda Oliveira Monteiro

Anónio Gonçalves

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