Cape Verde | 2018.01.24

Law No. 19/IX/2017, of 13 December 2017, came into force on 1 January 2018. This statute approved the second amendment to the Legal Regime of the Entry, Residence, Exit and Expulsion of Foreign Citizens in the Cape Verdean Territory, as enacted by Law No. 66/VIII/2014, of 17 July 2014.


Amongst the several amendments to the legal regime of foreign citizens approved by such law, the following shall be highlighted:


  • Nationals of countries that are exempt from transit, official, diplomatic, courtesy or tourism visas may, under Resolution of the Council of Ministers, enter Cape Verde with no need to hold a visa in case of short periods of stay (up to the maximum of 30 days);

  • Nationals of countries which do not impose a similar requirement on Cape Verdean citizens are exempt from tourism visa;

  • Visa applications shall be made on an online platform available at the Internet and, exceptionally, by means of a specific form. Visa issuance shall be, similarly, made by means of the same platform; and

  • Citizens exempt from visa shall mandatorily pre-register on the aforementioned platform up to 5 days before the beginning of their trip; failure to submit evidence of pre-registration triggers the obligation to pre-register on arrival in Cape Verde and, as well, the payment of a fee.

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