Cape Verde | 2020.05.18
COVID-19: Extension of State of Emergency for Island of Santiago

By means of Presidential Decree No. 9/2020 and Decree-Law No. 51/2020, both dated 14 May 2020, the state of emergency for the island of Santiago, including the capital city of Praia, was regulated and extended until 29 May.

Of the various exceptional, restrictive measures in force since 28 March, some have been maintained, for example the limitations relating to maritime and air connections to the island, while others have been eased, such as the return to operation of some sectors of activity, although subject to a set of specific operating rules regarding schedules, capacity limits, the use of face masks and other health and hygiene safety rules. The limitation and control of travel between municipalities is maintained.

The state of emergency has now ended for all the remaining islands, with maritime connections (except for those with the islands of Santiago and Boavista as their origin or destination) resuming on 11 May, in accordance with Resolution No. 70/2020, of 8 May 2020, without prejudice to the preventive measures that remain in force on all islands.

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