Foreign Investment

Globalization is not just a word or a trend. At present, it is the surname of the economy. The ability to spot the best place to invest and to negotiate aggressively and sharply with local authorities is a must for the globetrotter-investors. To play this game, governmental bodies, at a central or regional level, are competing directly to maintain their investments and to attract new investors. The new boundaries of investment are far beyond the limits of the western world. Africa and Asia are feeling the pulse of globalization.

Lawyers at Miranda have a unique experience in this area as they mainly advise foreign investors in the various jurisdictions where Miranda is established. In some of the African jurisdictions, Miranda has led the way by advising the first and more significant foreign investment projects. A deep knowledge of the legal framework of each country and a vast experience in representing foreign investors´ interests before the governments and local Authorities, are part of Miranda´s track record. From highly and complex regulated markets, like the energy, finance and insurance markets, to agricultural and tourism projects, our team of lawyers has been providing for years top legal support to foreign investors.

Our Experience
  • Investment contracts
  • International and local tax planning
  • Foreign acquisitions
  • Corporate and international finance structures
  • International Joint Ventures
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