In recent years, globalization and international cooperation have spread to the pharmaceutical industry, leading many companies to reach beyond their country´s boundaries and enter into uncharted waters. Although doing business in new legal environments can be highly profitable and motivating, it can also lead to some degree of uncertainty.

Miranda´s pharmaceutical industry team has cutting edge knowledge of the legal framework and industry practice. Our services cater to our clients’ every need, giving them up-to-date, straightforward, trustworthy solutions whatever their area of activity – from drug manufacturers to distributors, from medical devices and equipment manufacturers to biotech companies.

Whether you wish to commence activity in a new jurisdiction, introduce and/or license new drugs, register a patent, acquire or merge with a local company, carry out research or clinical trials, we have the right people to guide you securely through your business plan.


Above all, our team understands your needs, knows your concerns, and has the technical knowledge and creative spirit necessary to provide you with the best solution.

Our Experience
  • Acquisition and renewal of licenses and permits
  • Construction and licensing of facilities
  • I.P.
  • Advertisement and marketing
  • Anti-trust and competition
  • Distribution
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Environmental permits and regulations
  • Licensing and introduction of new drugs
  • Generics
  • Distribution agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Marketing agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Clinical trial and clinical research agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Manufacturing and supply agreements