Miranda has a widespread construction expertise. Our track record has been built through our involvement in various construction projects, ranging from home and office developments and shopping centers, to sport infrastructures, in different jurisdictions. Construction companies, property developers, real estate promoters, banks, public entities and others have been part of our client base throughout the years. The Firm’s construction capability is, therefore, the result of the amalgamation of its national and international practice with the different nature of the projects, clients and transactions in which it has been involved.

From urban planning to dispute resolution, Miranda has been providing clients with comprehensive legal advice for the whole of the construction cycle. The Firm’s construction legal team integrates lawyers with a vast and solid reputation in the industry. In addition to being project driven, Miranda’s construction lawyers have always sought to provide clients with solutions tailored to their needs, working closely with the corporate, project finance, tax and litigation teams in order to provide a top quality service.

Our Experience
  • Property development
  • Project management
  • Property acquisition
  • Public concessions
  • Environmental assessment
  • Planning
  • Licensing
  • Commercial property
  • Residential property
  • Leases
  • Leisure infrastructure
  • Development and building agreements
  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Collateral agreements
  • Planning and infrastructure agreements
  • Funding agreements
  • Concession agreements