Diversity and Inclusion

Miranda’s strong and diverse culture is a direct result of the 16 nationalities that comprise our workforce and of our presence in 18 countries around the world. It allows us to fully understand the needs and concerns of our various stakeholders, wherever they are. The diversity of our lawyers’ backgrounds enables them to bring different perspectives to the table, which in turn allows us to give our clients and other stakeholders the best of our thinking and the highest quality in everything we do. Embracing diversity allows us to act as an effective bridge and to build strong ties with the local communities that we touch.


Every Miranda lawyer speaks English fluently, and many of us are proficient in other languages, such as Portuguese (our mother tongue for most of us), French, Spanish, and German. Our diversity and ability to communicate with our different stakeholders in their own language has always been a key element of our success. Miranda accepts all different types of ages within its business environment, and this in time has resulted in an intergenerational workforce of all age groups. Today, our average age is 39.


With respect to gender balance, we have embedded it so well in our Firm’s culture over the years that today women are not only represented at all levels, including within the partnership, but they actually outnumber men.